Meet Alex

I’m Alex, I am so happy to meet you!! I’m the newest of the Two One girls’ and I am pumped to be here! I honestly can’t contain my excitement to capture any love you and your person express. The entire essence of photographing love is my favorite, I am in complete awe of how a photo can tell a story without using any words or create a memory full of emotion you feel like you are there in that moment living it all over again. It’s so simple yet so complex to capture, but it’s exactly what I want to freeze in time. 

 I am the youngest of four, who are all my best friends and biggest supporters, including my wonderful mother and boyfriend. I graduated from Colorado State in 2020 and have lived in Northern Colorado since. I am constantly craving adventure and anything outside – my sweet puppy boy Moose is a great companion for that niche that I have. My mother created a strong addiction to travel for me at a very young age and third-wheeling around the globe with an awesome couple sounds like the dream job for me! 

My first grasp on a camera was when I was little. I would always steal my aunt’s “fancy” camera and take pictures of everything – flowers, people, animals, bugs, birds.. anything that seemed like a good center piece for a picture! It is a dream that photography would be the thing I am most passionate about and strive to pursue for the rest of my life…pinch me!  

Casey and Vanessa have taken me under their wings with no hesitation and I will feel forever indebted to them for the lessons and friendship they have given me.

I am so excited to be a part of the Two One family and everything that comes with it! 

I can’t wait to hang out and snap some moments! 

Ciao –